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Take Action.

The universe rewards action. We have heard of this time and time again through various mediums and still taking those first steps remains a challenge for many of us. The phrase, ‘Feel The Fear’ and do it anyway comes to mind.

Attitude is paramount isn't it? Once this attitude of 'get up and do what needs to be done,' is developed, along with a plan, things can really begin to happen. We can learn from those we admire. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a mentor. If not, there are copious amounts of information available to us on internet. Do what successful people do. They are highly- action orientated.

Nothing happens until we take action. Dreams are left as dreams, vision boards are left as decorated displays. What are your strengths? Can they be used in the creation of your dream? What is holding you back? Perhaps you need to develop your strength or strengths in your desired area a little more. Maybe further study is required. If it is really something you want, you will take the steps required and yes the sacrifices called for.

The word sacrifice has such negative connotations. Look upon sacrifice as ‘deferred gratification,’ implying guaranteed success. You have made ‘sacrifices’ so far in your life and some have been successful I'm sure. Those that were not, most likely steered you another direction, perhaps even a direction you never considered before, a better direction. Yes, attitude is playing a part here again.

Try to identify the patterns holding you back. You can change these patterns or slightly adapt them to allow you to move forward. You are in control, it's time to stop holding yourself back. Again look how others have achieved success in your desired area, is there anything you can learn from them and adapt in your life?

Planning is helpful but in itself it can become a trap if it becomes excessive. I don't know anyone who had everything in order before they started a project. It's not possible really if you think about it. As you delve into something it's only then you begin to see the challenges for your particular situation or something happens that is completely out of your control,... a building flooding, economic crises in your country, coronavirus! These are a serious test to one's commitment, but some people beat the odds here too.

Planning has its place but it must be kept in perspective. Too many times we are always getting ready, getting it perfect. But the quickest way for us to reach our goal is to actually take that leap of Faith. Break it down into chunks of time. For example you could spend the next 10 weeks planning or the next 10 weeks launching your service, product or desired goal. Which do you think would be most beneficial to you from a learning perspective?

Have you ever noticed the last six letters in the word ‘satisfaction’ is ‘action.’ Take that leap, do it now. People fail to take action because they are afraid to fail. Successful people do not see failure, they see a result and view it as part of the learning process.

All our experiences are building blocks, building blocks of our life story. Today, place the first block down.

Take Care, Regina O'Roarke.

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