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Create Your Vision

Dream that dream​

Life coaching has great potential as a means of facilitating change. My coaching focuses strongly on freeing my clients from feeling ‘stuck.’ This can create a wonderful shift in mindset allowing real change to occur.

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Life Balance

Take action.​

​It can be challenging trying to balance one's life. The way we think about things and the very beliefs we have can prevent us from being able to achieve the best that life has to offer. The key to all this is how we respond to events. 

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Find your joy.

​Conflict sadly is part of life and can hold many of us back from attaining our dreams and goals.  It is something we need to be able to deal with and it is something we can deal with.


Meaning & Purpose

Speak your truth.

​Things may happen in our lives that can cause increasing awareness of our inner reality. It helps if we can make sense of what is happening in our lives by attaching a purpose or meaning to it.

Meaning and purposeRegina
Frozen Field

Personal and Professional Well-being

Change the script.

To make life better and enhance wellbeing in our personal and professional lives is really worth giving time to. Reflective practice and self-awareness are core methods of self-analysis used within our coaching sessions.

Personal and professional wellbeingRegina

Educational Coaching

Forming Foundations

A lot is expected from students in second and third level education. It can become so overwhelming that a student may mentally ‘check out’. Together, we can gain control of your studies and break things down into manageable steps.

Educational coachingRegina
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