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Success Stories

Hear what past clients have shared about my coaching style.

Holistic Approach

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"Life coaching wasn’t something I had thought about but feeling disillusioned in my job I decided to give it a try. Regina was recommended to me and in our sessions she quickly illuminated the reasons I wasn’t fulfilled in my career and identified the skill sets I had that were under-utilized. She helped me overcome my fears of “starting over” in a new job and I’m delighted to say that I’m now on my new career path and I have finally found a passion for my work and achieved a much more satisfying work life balance. Regina has an ability to instantly make you feel at ease and her holistic approach creates an awareness of how all the decision-making processes we make can have effects in every part of our lives. This has been a transformative experience for me."

- Ann Murphy

Gentle Style

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"With gentle prompts, she guided me to begin to understand my role and unrecognised (by me) participation in what was causing my issues in work and I have begun to see the situation in a new light, one that I believe I can manage. I look forward to getting more understanding of my situation and how I can move towards resolution and peace in my workplace relationships. Thank you Regina. "

- Sheila

Supportive Style

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"After working with Regina, I was able to clearly formulate a future vision for  myself and define my priorities to achieve a more excellent work/life balance, which was having a significant impact on other aspects of my life. With Regina's supportive coaching style, I was able to gain more confidence and made a major career move that was long overdue. I'm not sure I would have made the transition without Regina's know-how, encouragement, and support. Regina examines both the personal and professional spectrums of your life. She's excellent at understanding the whole person, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make changes in their lives for greater overall fulfilment.


- Sean


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"I think the experience of having someone in the background on this journey made me feel less lonely and helped me move from a negative to a positive, problem-solving state of mind. I could not have done this without Regina’s positivity, optimism and support. Within three sessions I was clearer and knew which steps I needed to take to move forward. Don't hesitate and contact Regina to begin some real change in your life. "

- Frank

Kind Words


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The coaching sessions with Regina were invaluable in giving me back control and direction in my life. My career and personal life were drifting, and I lacked confidence in my own abilities. Regina’s powerful guidance and expert coaching skills helped me to refocus and remove the barriers I had subconsciously put in my own path. I cannot thank her enough for her listening ear, her solution-driven approach and her unique ability to cut directly to the root causes of what was holding me back.  I would recommend Regina without hesitation"

- Mary Geaney 

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