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Reaching Out

A big hi from the wild and windy west coast of Ireland. So wonderful to connect with those living outside Ireland.

Living by the sea and surrounded by grey stoned walls I often think of those who perhaps miss this scene and as a result of Covid have been unable until recently, to travel home to loved ones. Distance from home is a familiar experience for many Irish and our forefathers before us, but we are a resilient people and history proves such. We look after each other when times are tough.

It’s ok to be vulnerable though isn’t it? The experience of vulnerability can in fact create a change in our mindset that might otherwise have never happened. It can force us to reflect on our lifestyle, the pace in which we work, the relationships we have with people and most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

Our inner dialogue is never too far away. It requires careful and mindful management at times. Not an easy thing to control but it is entirely possible. Allow me to share some ideas with you.

When those negative thoughts begin, be it loneliness or self-criticism, ask yourself, what gives you energy? If it’s meeting up with friends, contact someone the minute you finish reading this article. If it’s being close to nature, grab your jacket and walk outside or buy a little potted plant for your window sill, something from nature that resonates with you.

Ask yourself, what worked for you before when you were lonely or feeling a little down? Is it possible for you to repeat the action you took or can you modify it to suit your present circumstances?

What are you contributing to others? I‘m sure you could say “I’m not in the form to give” but remember any event you were involved in with others, from childhood to sport events, the fun and endless chats about these events sitting around a table or in the kitchen….the centre of every Irish home. Being part of something bigger than us is always energising and simply put, just good fun.

We are a connected people and please do not feel alone. Our Celtic connections stretch far and beyond…and you know what? Today you have someone wishing you well and hoping you have great day.

Be kind to yourself. Take a cue from our ancestors and put the kettle on!

Take care, Regina O’Roarke. Professional Wellbeing and Life Coaching | Xpressionz Coaching

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