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Christmas: A Mindset Change.

The build up to Christmas is always an exciting one.

Many priorities move position within our lives. Those we thought less important may now have become very important and vice versa. Change is constant.

Let's make this December a month to remember, a month where ideas are born. If that requires a mindset change, let's do that.

What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to experience? What possessions do you want to have? In other words, what does a fulfilled, successful life look like to you?

Many children have such wonderful dreams and aspirations. The seeds of greatness and potential rest within their highly creative minds, as they do in ours. Unfortunately these seeds may have become buried deep within us as a result of our experiences engaging in the adult world. Each person has their story, each person has their hurt, each person has their disappointment but each person meets that moment in life when they wonder if there is a better way to live, ‘Is there something I can do?’

Some will say to themselves ‘Just put up with it and get through it’ and others will say ‘I have enough of this, somethings got to change.’ For those who want to change their story or even look at an alternative picture, perhaps consider some of the points below.

  • If you have been living your life trying to please others or create the life that others think you should have, now is the time to ask yourself the question, ‘Am I going to continue living someone else's life or mine?’

  • In the name of being sensible, am I going to miss opportunities that I may regret in the future?

  • How do you reclaim yourself and your true desires? How do you get back to what you really want? How do you remove the ‘shoulds,’ the ‘ought to’s’ and ‘you better do this or do that?’

Start reclaiming your own preferences of choice. Instead of saying, ‘I don't know, I don't care,’ ‘it doesn't matter to me’. Start being clear about your choices and decisions, as even the smallest decisions can be the beginnings of something wonderful. You have to start somewhere at some time or another and why not start this December?

One of the easiest ways of clarifying what you truly want is to make a list of 20 - 50 things that you want to do. Imagine you had no obstacles and you could achieve any of the above on your list. Write them down with that mindset, a mindset that believes anything is possible.

Describe in writing your life right now and then describe your ideal life, with the sights that you see, the sounds that you hear and the feelings that you feel. You do not need to know how you are going to get there at this stage or how exactly you are going to create this ideal life. All that is important is that you figure out what that life looks like.

Enjoy this journey and take care,

Regina O’Roarke.

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