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Why Use Labels?

Many people are gifted socially and that is a fact but sometimes everyone has that moment when they wonder what others think of them?

Is this sensitivity? Is it shyness?

What causes this reflective practice? Someone could say, ‘don't worry no one is judging you” ...but are they? Let's keep this to social networking as the working environment is a totally different story…. judgments and assessments are part of the professional world.

Sensitivity is a wonderful quality. Do we have room for such a quality in today's society? Is it interpreted as a form of weakness? If so, what is it that inspires us to help others? Without sensitivity would empathy exist? Would we care about those less fortunate? Would we start up charities? Would we have people reach out to others when help is needed?

Being sensitive has its challenges. One may notice that people are watching you, judging you or talking about you. The non sensitive person is often happily oblivious to it. Being aware of those glances and silent judgements while not letting them affect you, is not an easy task.

Most people confuse sensitivity with shyness. There are three problems with that label, it misses the real you. People judge by their experience, they use their responses to events as a reference point for everyone around them. When others are treating you as shy, it can be hard for them to understand you have simply chosen to be alone at that moment.

In ‘Man’s Search For Meaning'' Frankl describes how he found himself called upon to inspire others, how he intuitively understood what they needed. Those who could gain some meaning and purpose in their lives survived better psychologically and therefore physically.

The sensitive person can see intuitively what needs to be done. This can be communicated to others or simply do what is required themselves. We talk about mindfulness and climate care. The sensitive person is right there with you, in fact they are the ones inspiring and motivating awareness of that which is around us.

We can balance all personality types in a complementary fashion. The image of cogs in a wheel comes to mind and is often used to explain interdependence. It is our diversity and uniqueness that makes humans human.

Do you feel listened to? Do you feel valued? Who creates that feeling for you? Do you feel someone should create that feeling or is that within your power?

I put it to you, you can create your feelings, it is within your power. Your thoughts are controllable through mindful regulation and your personality, whatever label you attach to it is valued by people of insight. Be your own caregiver and protector. Learn to understand your personality type if you choose to attach a label to it. If you feel your responses need to change you can do that too.

Don't forget, you are who you are and you are more than enough.

Take Care, Regina O'Roarke.

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