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Let Go of Fear.

Life is full of uncertainty, but that is not always bad. Looking beyond our fear allows us to be open to the many positive possibilities that exist around us.

Anyone who wants to make a change in their lives and is considering doing it, needs to take into account that change is constant. Adaptability and mental flexibility are two very important qualities for our 'toolkit' going forward.

Fear is something every single one of us encountered last year in relation to Coronavirus. Add to this, a massive global concern in relation to our planet. We have to come up with some mechanism to filter constant frightening messages/images.

Some people will react to these messages by mentally shutting down and just not caring anymore, as it has become too overwhelming. Others will be filled with anxiety and fear to the point they are afraid to engage in activities outside their homes. These are two extremes and are not going to help our emotional, psychological or physical well-being.

We have dealt with some childhood fears, by using logic and reasoning. So let us consider using logic and reasoning again in our adult lives. If we are doing our best in relation to climate care and following health guidelines in relation to Coronavirus, I put it to you there is not much more that we can do. Many people are becoming deeply stressed watching other people's behaviour in relation to Covid. We are watching governments very carefully in relation to Climate Care. But each of us can play our part. Doing so can give us some sense of empowerment. We can become involved in organisations and use social media to create further awareness of our concerns. Logically that is all we can do unless we decide to pursue a political /medical career. We need to control our anxiety and stress levels for our mental and physical wellbeing.

The above concerns and anxiety experienced throughout the world is causing young children to experience anxiety! This needs to be managed carefully and sensitively. We can get through this. Humans are resilient.

Here are a few pointers that may be helpful.

  • Sometimes things are out of our control. That is life.

  • Practice self care, this we have discussed in previous blogs.

  • Focus on positive thoughts... you can refer to ‘Monday affirmations’ on Xpressionz Coaching social media for guidelines on this.

  • Practice mindfulness.

It's a New Year, a new beginning. It's a year where there are vaccinations available and a year of Global Climate awareness. All will be well. Previous generations have dealt with many challenges and we will too. Don't let fear become so overwhelming that you're not living your life to the best of your potential. The word courage is derived from a French word meaning ‘from the heart.' Draw on your courage.

Living your life is important, make is memorable, make it count. Your joy is needed, your energy welcomed and your courage is inspiring.

Take Care,

Regina O’Roarke.

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