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Happy New Year.

One of the most extraordinary benefits of each new year is the opportunity to start fresh.

It's a great time of year as a lot of people are doing the same thing: creating new habits, creating a better year, creating more opportunities, improving health. The list is endless. We can support each other, as we try to improve things at the same time!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, catching up with your family safely. January can be very challenging for a lot of people but that is an attitude that you can begin to change by applying your ‘Affirmation Mondays’.

Create the affirmations that are specific to you. Repeat them in the morning and evening for as long as it takes to really embed them in your subconscious. Statements of gratitude have been proven to move a negative mindset to a more positive one. You can make this your best year yet.

As you know many of the best careers, entrepreneurial pursuits, projects and sports achievements were not overnight successes. But they did start with an idea.

Sometimes you don't even need to have a clear goal in your mind for a New Year. The very thought and desire on your part, to create a change is often enough to begin moving in the direction of change.

I love the phrase ‘Just lean into it.’ It really encapsulates the desire to move gently forward when fear begins to raise its head. Leaning into something allows us to move at a pace that is comfortable for us. Sure there are times that we may feel uncomfortable with our new ventures but it is important that we enjoy the process. If there is too much pressure or feeling of being overwhelmed, there is a very high likelihood we will walk away from that particular goal. We need moments of excitement with accomplishments and achievements, as this is what fuels our energy to move forward.

Ask yourself how you can make your New Year's resolution something you can enjoy doing. When positive emotions are attached to goals there is a greater likelihood of success.

Not everyone uses New Year as a time to create new goals. Some people use it as a reflection on the previous year. This is a wonderful thing to do as it gives us context or a 'base line' to reflect on our life or career in the present moment.

If you are going to make New Year resolutions, my advice is to keep one's New Year resolution as simple as possible. Personally I do not believe in the big list! Sometimes the most simple goal can be the most challenging. What about this for a goal, be kind and understanding to people we meet? I think you will agree that it can be very tough at times!

Whatever approach you take to this New Year, I wish the best for you and your loved ones. Enjoy creating plans to improve your life and the life of others. Remember New Year resolutions are personal promises and not something that one should add as a burden.

Be kind to yourself and to others. If everyone on the planet took 'kindness' as a New Year resolution, what would life be like?

Take care

Regina O’Roarke.

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