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The best attitude that we could possibly hope to have is one of gratitude or appreciation. Making a conscious decision to appreciate and acknowledge all that we have creates a very positive emotional state for us. It allows us to mould our attitude toward finding pleasure in simple things in life.

There are those among us who constantly complain, they say nothing seems to go right for them. Over time, their negativity can begin to affect us, it can literally ‘bring us down.’ The reason some people tend to be stuck in negative lifestyles is because they are constantly focusing their thoughts and energy on their negative present and negative past. There is a phrase that says ‘What you continually talk about comes about.’

On the other hand there are those among us with very positive attitudes. They always seem to be happy, they really seem to handle things in their life. They have more fun and are great to be around.

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be’ Abraham Lincoln.

This week why not make a conscious effort to surround oneself with positive, nourishing, uplifting people whenever possible. There are people out there who will support you in healthy ways, there are those who will encourage your growth and applaud your successes. Surround yourself with inspirational people, people who have positive attitudes and energy.

At times it can be very difficult to find people with positive mindsets. A level of anxiety and frustration is appearing in these Covid times at an alarming rate. We have control over our mindset and always remember that. Mentally we have a choice whether to join in with the frustrations around us or to spend time finding a place/ organisation that is in alignment with our desires for personal growth. Online has created endless possibilities for us. We can access like minded people anywhere in the world.

Try to create an arrangement in which you can gather on a regular basis to give support, share ideas, give feedback, brainstorm and inspire one another. These meetings may not be face to face but surely meeting Online is better than nothing. Gathering together and encouraging one another for growth and success has been proven over many years, to have very positive effects.

In relation to dealing with negative people in our lives, it is important to remember that the only person responsible for their level of growth or consciousness is that particular person. Try to keep in mind though, that no one person is completely negative. We can focus on the good qualities that exist within the person and appreciate their qualities. Quite often by acknowledging someone's good qualities it encourages that person to express more of those positive qualities. If things continue to be very difficult dealing with negative people or a negative person, simply limit the time and interaction with the person/s and try to be an example of a more positive attitude of gratitude and appreciation. It is this attitude that allows forward movement in our life, it reduces stress and attracts similar minded people. Surely that is something worth striving for.

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