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Find Your True Self.

Success begins with an awareness of and respect for the vast potential inside us all. Realising our potential and using it in intelligent ways is key.

Every successful person has been helped by someone who believed in his or her potential. Realising our potential is so important as it creates a deep satisfaction within our lives and reduces the possibility of regret. So many of us can look back at our lives and regret that we did not take certain opportunities when presented to us. We did this perhaps out of fear or lack of confidence or simply just bad timing. But this New Year let it be the year when we strive to reach our full potential.

Society has become so busy, we live and work at a very demanding pace. The speed at which we work and the speed at which demands can come our way, can leave us having no time to actually tune into ourselves. We can get so caught up in being busy that we do not have time to connect with the creativity and the beauty that exists within us.

Put all of this with working during Covid times. People's experiences are so varied in this area. Some workplaces take great care of their employees, others feel very unsafe. The whirlpool of emotions we are holding is something we need to manage, so that our physical health and mental wellbeing do not become affected.

Reaching the vast potential that is within us requires reflective time. Time is something that we can find either travelling to and from work, waiting at a bus or train, waiting to pick up children from school. Let's be honest we all do have moments we can think during our day. But if we are constantly filling these opportune moments with phone use etc, our brain is not getting time to process our day, present solutions and rest/refresh.

This New Year, why not consider giving your brain some down time. Each person is very different and has a particular lifestyle, so what might work for one may not work for another. Try looking through your weekly schedule and see when you could put in some reflective time for yourself.

Self knowledge is our central reference system. In other words, the better we know ourselves the better we can live and work with authenticity. With this self-knowledge, we can trust our wisdom, follow our passion and develop our talents.

Self acceptance makes everything easier. Whereas the lack of self acceptance creates more struggle and disharmony. Psychologist Carl Jung, emphasized the importance of self -harmony in all his written work. He wrote:

Man can meet the demands of outer necessity in an ideal way if he also adapted to his own inner world, that is if he is in harmony with himself.

Give yourself the time this New Year to find your vast potential, your creativity and the beauty that exists within.

Take Care,

Regina O’Roarke.

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