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Break It Down

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started’ (Mark Twain.)

Sometimes our goals/ dreams are so overwhelming we do not know where to begin.

If we look around at people we deem to be successful we do not immediately see all the steps they took in their life to achieve success, the sacrifices they made, the planning they put into their work.

Many artists, singers and performers that are deemed as ‘overnight successes' will all tell us they have been perfecting their skill for many years before recognised success. There is a lot of material out there on how successful people achieve their successes but there are common elements within all of them.

  • There was a dream or a goal

  • The goal or dream was broken down into small achievable steps

  • Each step was measurable with specific deadlines.

  • A lucky break

Let us look at how we could break down a goal or dream. One could consult with successful people and ask what steps they took or research books and online support. Of course don't forget ‘visualisation’ which we have developed on social media is a wonderful way to create a detailed image of a goal or dream. Simply close your eyes and pretend you have achieved your goal and imagine what you did to get there. I know this may sound strange but it does work.

We can mentally block ourselves by saying we don't know how to get there or how to achieve a dream, but life and experience has taught many of us that if we truly want something we will find a way. Keep researching, asking for help and guidance until you can create a realistic action plan. At times so much information can come to us we can become overwhelmed. Mind mapping is a wonderful process for gathering information and clarifying ideas.

  • It is basically a circle in the middle of a page with one’s goal/dream. Lines are drawn from it and key categories or subdivisions attached to the end of each line. There are many videos/books on the creation of mind maps. Once the mind map is completed, a daily or weekly to-do list can be created from the mind map. Scheduling the lists into a calendar can be very helpful in keeping us on task.

  • A very useful tool used by many high achievers is to plan their day the night before. Looking over our to-do list and visualising how we would like the following day to run gives our subconscious mind time to creatively problem solve, overcome obstacles and create a positive mindset for the following day. Planning the night before allows us to know exactly where we are going, what order and what materials we need to gather together. By mid-morning we would have accomplished so much.

Do remember when planning dreams or goals to take into account all areas of life to maintain balance. If too much emphasis is given to work life, valuable time is taken from another aspect of life i.e. health, family and so forth. It is a good idea to include other areas of your life in your planning. Planning the night before sets the tone for the following day. It creates momentum and builds confidence, both of which move us further and faster towards our goal.

Take Care,


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